2024 Easter Gel Nails: Spring Pastel Designs, Cute Bunny Ideas, Pink & Blue Trends

With spring on the horizon and Easter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to explore a delightful way to celebrate the season – by embellishing our nails with festive designs using gel polish. Gel nails not only offer long-lasting wear, but also provide endless opportunities for creativity. This year, Easter gel nail designs are all about pastel colors, whimsical patterns, and a touch of springtime charm. From adorable bunnies to elegant motifs, I’ll walk you through some of the most captivating and cheerful designs that are sure to make your nails the talk of any Easter gathering.

1. Speckled Pastel Perfection

Imagine yourself holding a handful of exquisite Easter eggs; this is the exact picture showcased on these nails. A subtle and muted polish serves as the base for an array of soft, pastel hues, with each nail resembling an adorably speckled egg. The ring finger features a meticulously designed bunny, complete with its charming little ears. This manicure effortlessly melds the festive spirit and joy of Easter with the sophistication and freshness of spring, making it a perfect choice for any occasion. The delicate shades pay homage to the pastel colors synonymous with the season, while the matte finish adds a simple yet refined touch.

2. Lavender Bunny Bliss

The primary emphasis of this nail design is the stunning lavender hue, evoking the delicate vibrancy of a spring dawn. One nail prominently displays an adorable bunny leaping gracefully amidst ethereal white blossoms, shimmering stars, and petite specks. The remaining nails are adorned with a tranquil shade of lavender, while one nail showcases a constellation comprised of an assortment of spring-themed icons. This nail art captures the artistic spirit of the season, with an endearing bunny stealing the spotlight.

3. Pastel Patchwork and Peeking Bunnies

This Easter-inspired nail art captures the festive atmosphere with its vibrant colors and playful patterns. Delicate pastel shades create a beautiful backdrop, while adorable bunnies are hidden within the design, adding a touch of whimsy. Every intricate detail reflects the joyful spirit of Easter. The soft pink base color acts as a canvas for an assortment of beautifully decorated Easter eggs, shimmering stars, and a charming little chick. This imaginative design resembles a basket filled with delicious Easter treats. The glitter effect from Designs adds a touch of sparkle and enchantment, creating a mesmerizing look that catches the light and captivates onlookers.

4. Rainbow Bunny Parade

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Easter parade with this enchanting creation. Your manicure will undergo a magical metamorphosis, becoming a soft and dreamy backdrop for a delightful troupe of bunnies in a vibrant spectrum of hues. Each bunny is lovingly embellished with subtle accents of shimmer, infusing your nails with a mesmerizing sparkle. This design possesses an irresistible charm and effortlessness, rendering it an ideal option for a relaxed get-together or a fancy brunch.

5. Springtime Storybook

The story of these nails is one of blooming flowers, clear skies, and the playful combination of spring colors. A clean white base acts as a blank slate, showcasing the delightful dance of bunnies and floral patterns. This nail design perfectly captures the essence of spring and can easily be customized to fit any nail length.

6. Whimsical Bunny and Geometric Grace

This manicure effortlessly merges the delightful charisma of Easter with the polished refinement of modern patterns. A soft, delicate tint of rose serves as the base, showcasing a minimalist portrayal of a rabbit, while the neighboring nails exhibit the meticulous exactitude of geometric motifs. This nail art seamlessly combines simplicity and sophistication, producing a genuinely invigorating and unparalleled appearance.

7. Polka Dots and Easter Treats

This nail design for Easter focuses on polka dots. It showcases a magnificently intricate Easter egg and an adorable bunny. The purple and white color palette is a fantastic choice for embracing the pastel trend that is popular this season.

8. Soft Hues and Easter Wishes

Perfectly embodying the Easter spirit, this design captures the essence with its elegant lines and a delicate palette of shades. Each nail showcases a different soft pastel color, reminiscent of a variety of Easter eggs, and each one has its own unique speckled pattern. This nail art truly embodies the vibrant and enchanting energy of the spring season.

9. Chocolate Bunny Delight

This nail design puts a playful spin on the traditional chocolate bunny by showcasing adorable bunny silhouettes on a backdrop of soft pastel shades adorned with delightful polka dots. It’s as if we’ve captured the essence of a chocolate bunny and translated it into a chic fashion statement.

10. Easter Story in Pastel

This nail art design captures the essence of Easter, depicting different scenes on each nail. Super cute bunnies dressed in vibrant outfits, a freshly born chick, and a beautiful Easter message set against a lovely background of delicate pastel flowers. It’s a charming and intricate representation of the Easter spirit.

11. Gradient Pastel Dreams

These nails display a harmonious combination of calming pastel shades, reminiscent of the soft hues of dawn. The standout feature of this manicure is the expertly painted Easter chick and bunny, injecting a delightful and magical touch. Blending playfulness and sophistication, this nail design captures the vibrant essence of spring in a delightful manner.

12. Sunny Bunny Silhouettes

Introducing a manicure that truly captures the essence of Easter with its elegant charm. The canvas is a lively shade of yellow, serving as the backdrop for intricate bunny silhouettes, creating a design that is both understated and sweet. This simple yet enchanting nail art beautifully expresses the joyful spirit of the season without requiring any words.

13. Festive Polka Dot Party

This nail design pays homage to happiness and celebration, with a transparent foundation embellished with lively spots and a standout nail showcasing the most adorable little chick. It is a manicure that captures the lively essence of Easter, mirroring the vivacious concepts of Designs glitter and Colors.

14. Easter Bunny Ears Parade

This collection of nails showcases an adorable array of bunny ears in different delicate shades, resulting in a lively and fun appearance. Every nail displays a distinctive bunny design, making it a delightful choice for any Easter festivity. The fusion of spring concepts and short designs yields a versatile style that can be customized for any nail length or shape.

15. Speckled Pastel Egg Delight

This manicure is a delightful tribute to the timeless Easter egg. A detailed design in gentle pastel shades acknowledges the spring craze for incorporating pastel colors into nail art, while the bunny decorations bring a charming Easter touch. It’s a straightforward yet charming design that’s perfect for a subtle holiday look.

16. Easter Egg Hunt on Your Fingertips

This design is vibrant and brimming with vitality, featuring lively bursts on a pink base, with one nail intricately adorned as a charming bunny. It’s a design that’s as fun as hunting for Easter eggs and equally gratifying to show off. The combination of gentle pastel hues and daring motifs flawlessly captures the playful spirit of the holiday.

17. Bunny Hops and Heartful Tops

This nail design pays homage to Easter, showcasing an adorable bunny visage on one nail, while the rest of the nails are adorned with sophisticated patterns and heart motifs. By blending Ideas pink and Designs short, it generates a charming and trendy appearance.

18. Lavish Easter Luxury

If you enjoy infusing your holiday festivities with a bit of glam, then this particular design is tailor-made for you! It showcases stunning golden motifs set against a delicate lavender backdrop, creating a truly enchanting display. Each individual nail becomes a masterpiece, radiating an air of refined elegance that perfectly captures the spirit of Easter. And to inject a touch of whimsy, the design even includes a charming silhouette of a bunny, providing a delightful twist to the luxurious aesthetic.

19. Soft Speckles and Sweet Pastels

This nail design features a soft pink hue as its base, complemented by specks of black. It evokes the image of Easter eggs tucked in the lush grass, radiating a subtle yet captivating seasonal allure. The simplicity of this manicure serves as a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most delightful designs are also the most uncomplicated.

20. Bunny in a Wonderland of Pastels

The pinnacle of our Easter nail journey is a charming pastel wonderland, showcasing a cute bunny emerging amidst an array of soft colors. This design exudes irresistible allure, precisely capturing the joyful spirit of Easter and the rejuvenating atmosphere of spring.


Easter is a remarkable time of the year that commemorates new beginnings and the joy of spring. The Easter gel nails we have explored go beyond being just a fashion statement; they embody the essence of the season, combining playful whimsy with refined elegance. Each design, ranging from the ombre pastels to the adorable bunny silhouettes, tells its own story of springtime serenity and celebrations. As you embrace this season, let your nails be your canvas, showcasing your love for the vibrant hues and charming patterns of the holiday. Whether you’re attending a family gathering or simply enjoying the refreshing spring breeze, these nail designs will surely add an extra touch of enthusiasm to your Easter festivities. I encourage you to try out these designs, share your own creations, and spread the joy that comes with this delightful season. And remember, it’s your comments and shared experiences that bring this community together—so feel free to interact and let your own Easter tale be heard. Happy Easter, and may your nails sparkle with the same brightness and joy as the holiday itself!



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