2024 Pastel Easter Nails: Cute French, Dip, Acrylic Designs in Almond & Square

With the arrival of spring, nature is brought back to life. It’s a time when we are drawn to the soft shades and lively pastels that capture the essence of this season. Easter, a celebration of new beginnings and happiness, gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase delicate and playful nail art designs that embody the spirit of the holiday. In this article, we will explore a carefully curated collection of pastel Easter nail designs for 2024. Each design serves as a canvas that captures the whimsical and magical nature of this festive time. From the iconic Easter bunny to the blooming flowers of spring, these manicures will inspire you to embrace the season with style and creativity.

1. Bunny Whimsy in Pastel Hues

With an enchanting tribute to the most beloved symbol of Easter, the initial concept captures the playful nature of the holiday. Each digit showcases a tranquil blend of pastel hues, each contributing to the narrative of Easter. The thumb and pinky display a gentle yellow shade, reminiscent of the first gleams of springtime sunlight, while the index and ring fingers showcase a soothing sky blue, invoking the serene morning skies of Easter. The focal point of the design is a minimalist yet endearing white bunny silhouette, standing out against the soft lilac backdrop of the middle finger. To incorporate a touch of nature’s adorable beauty, the short nails feature delicate floral patterns. This manicure is ideal for acrylic or natural nails with a subtle length, providing an elegant and almond-shaped appearance.

2. French Tip with a Twist

Infusing a delightful festive allure into the traditional French tip, this concept brings a fresh twist to the classic style. Embracing an elegant almond shape, the nails showcase a subtle dip in a soft pink hue reminiscent of the interior of a seashell. The rest of the nail is left untouched, allowing the natural beauty and radiance of the nail bed to shine. Adding whimsy to the smile line, where the pink tip meets the natural nail, a charming heart motif in a deeper shade of pink creates a playful border. This design offers versatility, making it perfect for those seeking dip nails with a touch of Easter vibes.

3. Easter Bunny Garden Party

Immerse yourself in an Easter-inspired garden celebration with this intricate nail design. The highly detailed depiction of a bunny on the ring finger is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Adorned in a chic blue jacket and surrounded by vibrant yellow spring flowers, the bunny adds a whimsical touch to this stunning manicure. Not only are the nails themselves fashionable, but they are also practical due to their short length. The soft pastel pink base color creates a warm and welcoming backdrop for the exquisite designs, while the green accents on certain nails provide a refreshing pop of color, reminiscent of the new beginnings that Easter embodies. This endearing and imaginative manicure is perfect for those who love to express their creativity through their nails.

4. Blue Serenity with Bunny Accents

This tranquil and soothing nail set evokes the feeling of a peaceful Easter sky. The skillfully shaped acrylic nails boast an elegant almond silhouette, while the muted blue polish introduces a contemporary and gentle flair. The focal point of this design resides on the ring finger, where you’ll discover an adorable white bunny, alongside a dainty heart for an added touch of endearment. The remaining fingers showcase a dainty arrangement of yellow flowers and blue polka dots, striking a harmonious balance between simplicity and ornate detailing. This particular design caters to those who appreciate vibrant hues woven into a tapestry of delicate and enchanting embellishments.

5. Elegance of Easter in Floral and Gold

This exquisite Easter design elevates the elegance to an entirely new level. Each finger displays a unique work of art, ranging from a delicate gold crescent moon on the pinky finger to a meticulously painted bunny portrait on the ring finger. The gentle pastel pink base color creates a refined and graceful foundation, allowing the intricate gold and floral patterns to gracefully meld across each nail. The addition of acrylic enhances the overall beauty and durability, guaranteeing a long-lasting finish. Seamlessly blending traditional Easter symbols with a touch of luxury and sophistication, this manicure is an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated holiday look.

6. Spring’s Delight in Pastel Speckles

Experience the beauty of the season with a whimsical design that captures the essence of a spring meadow. These nails are carefully crafted in a versatile length, making them ideal for everyday use. The pristine white base of the nails is adorned with mesmerizing black speckles, reminiscent of dandelion seeds ready to take flight. On the other hand, the lovely pink nails perfectly reflect the delicate blush of spring flowers. Adding to the charm, one nail features an intricate bunny design, bringing the joyful spirit of the holiday to life. This design flawlessly combines elegance and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for those who want their nails to make a statement.

7. Playful Pastel Hearts and Polka Dots

Experience the joy and delight of Easter with this captivating nail art. Delicate shades of soft pink and white elegantly blend, creating a sophisticated and exquisite juxtaposition. The nails are kept chic and practical with a modest length, ensuring functionality and style. Charming polka dots dance across the nails, reminiscent of hidden Easter eggs nestled in a lush garden. Amidst the dots, a single nail showcases an adorable heart, symbolizing the love and happiness of the season. This design is ideal for those seeking to infuse their Easter ensemble with a whimsical and joyful flair, blending the sweetness of the holiday with a touch of playful amusement.

8. Serene Blue Blossoms

The eighth design captures the serenity of a picturesque Easter morning with its calming shades of blue. Each nail replicates the gentle hues of the early morning sky, embellished with a soothing pastel blue color. The acrylic nails, shaped like almonds, showcase a natural sophistication. Delicate floral patterns in white with yellow centers bloom across the nails, symbolizing the jubilant new beginnings and revival often associated with Easter. One nail adds a unique twist to the manicure with an elegant French tip, where the serene blue gracefully cascades in a subtle curve. This manicure is perfect for those seeking a tranquil yet stylish way to celebrate the holiday season.

9. Chic Minimalism with a Floral Touch

This elegant and minimalistic design is brimming with personality. The nails showcase a consistent pastel pink lacquer that emits a cozy and affectionate atmosphere. The compact size maintains a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Every nail is adorned with a graceful floral motif in a white contour, representing the splendor of the spring season. A dainty crystal embellishment imparts a hint of shine, drawing focus to the intricate craftsmanship. This charming and understated manicure is perfect for those who value the refinement of simplicity, establishing it as a timeless choice for Easter celebrations.

10. Easter Celebration in Blue

Introducing our Easter collection, we present an exuberant and one-of-a-kind design that captures the festive atmosphere in a stunning hue of azure. These nails feature a medley of intricate patterns and solid colors, all showcasing a delightful pastel blue reminiscent of a crystal-clear springtime sky. One nail showcases a whimsical interpretation of the Easter bunny, while the remaining nails are adorned with delicate floral motifs and playful polka dots. Adding a touch of sophistication, one nail is elegantly finished with a white French tip, lending a classic touch to the overall assortment. Designed in a shorter length and square shape, these nails offer both comfort and style for Easter celebrations. Radiating joy and charm, this manicure truly encapsulates the playful and lighthearted essence of Easter.

11. Minty Freshness with Bunny Ears

The invigorating mint green foundation of this design brings to mind a gentle spring gust, serving as a stunning setting for the endearing bunny ears that whimsically embellish every nail. With great care, the nails have been expertly sculpted into an exquisite almond shape, creating an elegant surface for the playful artwork. The meticulous white outline of the bunny ears creates a striking juxtaposition against the delicate pastel green, causing them to truly catch the eye. This nail design offers a charming variation on the Easter motif and is ideal for individuals in search of a fusion of adorable allure and refined elegance throughout the festive season.

12. Pastel Symphony with Easter Accents

This manicure features a stunning collection of pastel shades, with each nail displaying a unique color. From a delicate baby pink to a serene sky blue, the array of colors creates a lovely palette inspired by Easter. The nails are shaped into elegant almond shapes, which is a popular choice in contemporary nail art. The speckled nail design resembles the pattern found on a robin’s egg, adding a playful element. Additionally, a striped candy-like pattern is incorporated, further enhancing the festive ambiance. The set is versatile and suitable for those who like to experiment with bolder shades within the pastel range. Two fingers are adorned with a vibrant pink color, while a subtle French design graces another two, seamlessly blending different styles. Overall, this manicure is perfect for individuals who appreciate a fusion of soft, muted tones with a dash of vibrancy.

13. Easter Elegance with Gold and Florals

Injecting a touch of elegance into the Easter festivities, this manicure showcases a soft pastel green hue paired with luxurious gold stripes and dainty floral embellishments. The square-shaped nails lend a classic and sophisticated look, while a speckled accent nail adds a contemporary twist. The addition of a gold foil bunny on one nail elevates the overall aesthetic, making it perfect for a stylish Easter brunch. Those who appreciate a refined take on seasonal designs would surely find this manicure to be exceptionally enticing.

14. Soft Pink and Bunny Silhouettes

These nails exude a gentle warmth, featuring a soft pink base that is flawlessly complemented by charming white bunny silhouettes, adding a dash of Easter joy. The nails’ short, square shape not only makes them practical but also fashionable for any Easter gathering. The design’s simplicity, highlighted by clean lines and a muted color palette, conveys a timeless appearance that effortlessly transitions from Easter Sunday to everyday elegance.

15. Lavender Dreams with Playful Bunnies

This delightful design features lavender tones and adorable bunny motifs. The nails, shaped like almonds, offer plenty of opportunities for imagination, displaying unique patterns on every nail. Whether it’s sweet French tips adorned with charming heart embellishments or animated bunny faces, this manicure embodies the spirit of Easter in a one-of-a-kind and joyous manner. Perfect for individuals who love to express their playful personality through creative nail art.

16. Lilac Bunny Fun

This Easter-themed nail design features a cute lavender base and adorable rabbit patterns, capturing the essence of the holiday. The manicure showcases a blend of solid colors, classic French tips, and charming bunny drawings, creating a playful yet cohesive look. The square-shaped nails give it a modern touch, making it perfect for Easter celebrations and casual spring outings. In summary, it’s a charming and delightful option for those who enjoy a whimsical touch in their nail art.

17. Speckled Pastel Wonderland

Feel the enchantment with this charming nail design that combines subtle colors to evoke the joy of Easter egg hunts and the arrival of spring. The nails feature a stylish short and square shape, providing ultimate comfort for all your Easter activities. Each nail is adorned with a delicate pastel shade, beautifully sprinkled with mesmerizing black accents, creating an effortless blend of playfulness and elegance. This captivating set is ideal for those seeking a tasteful tribute to the Easter season, without excessive embellishments.

18. Easter Nail Fiesta

This nail design is a joyous celebration, showcasing a different pastel shade and an adorable Easter-themed design on each finger. From delightful polka dots to fashionable stripes to cute bunny faces, it’s a delightful homage to the most beloved symbols of the holiday. The short, square nails add a charming element to this manicure, making it a convenient and adorable option for those who wish to express their Easter spirit in a lively and playful way.

19. Chic Easter Egg Artistry

Get ready to amp up your nail game this Easter with a chic and artistic design that’s sure to turn heads. Say goodbye to traditional plain nails and hello to a manicure that brings the artistry of Easter eggs to life. This design is all about intricate patterns and pastel colors, perfect for those who appreciate the fine details found on decorated Easter eggs.

The almond shape of the nails adds an extra level of sophistication to the overall look. It provides a refined canvas for the delicate details and artistic flair that this manicure offers. Not only will your nails be on point, but they’ll also showcase your love for creative expression and the holiday season.

If you’re someone who takes pride in your personal style and enjoys embracing the festive spirit, then this Easter-inspired design is a must-try. Express your individuality and celebrate the beauty of Easter with this trendy and eye-catching manicure.

20. Whimsical Easter Parade

This nail design inspired by Easter captures the fun and playful essence of the holiday with a delightful selection of pastel colors and festive patterns. Each individual nail has its own unique story to tell, showcasing a combination of Easter egg designs, joyful polka dots, and adorable bunny faces peeking out. The nails are shaped in a comfortable and practical short square style, making them suitable for all your Easter activities. The soft yellow, lilac, and pink tones evoke the fresh blossoms of spring, infusing the design with a sense of nature’s renewal. This manicure is perfect for those who like to add a playful and cute twist to the traditional Easter symbols, making it an ideal choice for celebrating the holiday.

21. Sunset Gradient with a Chick Accent

This design showcases a captivating gradient that transitions from a soft peach hue to a rejuvenating mint green, evoking the serene beauty of a pastel sunset. The nails have been elegantly shaped into a long, pointed almond style, providing the perfect canvas for the ombre effect. There is a single nail that boasts an adorable Easter chick with a charming floral accent, adding a touch of whimsy to the sophisticated design. This nail art would undoubtedly be a popular pick for those looking to infuse a subtle Easter theme into a more polished look.

22. Easter Bunny Chic

This elegant Easter-themed nail design combines sophistication and festive spirit. It puts a contemporary spin on the traditional French manicure with its subtle, neutral base and crisp white tips. The standout feature is the intricately designed rabbit surrounded by colorful Easter eggs on the ring finger, demonstrating the nail artist’s exceptional skill. The almond-shaped acrylic nails add a touch of refinement to the overall aesthetic. This manicure is perfect for individuals who appreciate a mix of timeless elegance and seasonal whimsy.

23. Sunny Side Up

This nail design is as vibrant and cheerful as a burst of sunshine. The square-shaped, short nails act as a great canvas for the lively patterns in yellow and white, mimicking sunny-side-up eggs and embracing the Easter festivities. In addition to its playful and adorable appearance, this design exudes an energetic vibe, making it the perfect option for individuals seeking to inject a lively pop of color into their holiday ensemble.

24. Speckled Pink Perfection

This nail design embraces simplicity by featuring a delicate pale pink base with small black dots. It elegantly captures the allure of speckled Easter eggs with a refined and nuanced touch. The nails are short and square-shaped, making them perfect for everyday wear while still embracing the seasonal vibe. A single yellow tip adds a pop of vibrant color, enhancing the essence of springtime.

25. Pastel French with a Speckled Twist

An innovative take on the traditional French manicure can be achieved through the use of soft, pastel hues and dotted accents. The nails are trimmed and shaped into square edges, giving a modern twist to the overall appearance. By alternating between mint green and lilac shades, with delicate golden lines separating them, the manicure is infused with a vibrant and refreshing sensation. Introducing a speckled pattern adds a playful element, making this nail design perfect for commemorating Easter or embracing the onset of spring.

26. Blushing Bunnies

With this cute and unique design, each nail displays a blushing bunny face on a beautifully patterned pink background. The elegant almond shape of the nails adds a touch of class, while the soft pastel colors bring to mind the gentle warmth of spring. This manicure is delightfully charming and playful, perfect for those who love to express their Easter spirit through their nail art.

27. Floral Easter Elegance

This nail art design is a unique way to celebrate the arrival of spring. It features beautiful floral patterns and adorable Easter bunny accents. The nails are painted in a lovely shade of warm pink, creating a stunning base for the delicate white flowers and cute dots. The overall look is enchanting and feminine, making it perfect for any occasion. The acrylic nails are kept short and have an elegant square shape, making them comfortable to wear. This manicure is an elegant and subtle tribute to the holiday, with a sophisticated and fashionable vibe.

28. Chocolate Bunny Delight

Created specifically for chocolate lovers, this nail design features an adorable chocolate bunny design on a white tip, along with a perfectly manicured brown nail. The short and square shape not only adds a cute touch, but it’s also incredibly practical. This charming and playful design is perfect for celebrating Easter or honoring the traditions of candy-making during the holiday.

29. Pastel Textures and Bunny Art

This particular nail design showcases a matte blush base that has a soft and velvety feel. Accompanied by an intricate bunny nail art pattern, this design is truly one of a kind. The combination of various textures and the addition of a delicate floral motif on the accent nail creates a unique multi-dimensional effect, making it both cute and stylish. With short, square-shaped nails, this design is perfect for those in search of a simple yet thematically appropriate Easter manicure.

30. Easter Egg Palette

This design is a gorgeous tribute to the hues of Easter eggs, presenting a striking selection of delicate pastels. Each individual nail displays a unique color, complemented by the addition of a white floral detail. The practical and stylish short, square nails are ideal for day-to-day activities, while still delivering a festive and enjoyable appearance during the Easter season. For individuals who adore an array of vibrant colors, this manicure is an excellent option for celebrating the holidays.


As we conclude this delightful exploration of Easter nail art, we are reminded of the joy and creativity that the season brings. Each design, from whimsical bunny motifs to elegant pastel gradients and simple speckled patterns, offers a unique way to celebrate the renewal and warmth of spring. Whether you choose to wear these designs on your own nails or share them on Pinterest, may they bring a smile to your face and add a burst of color to your springtime festivities. Enjoy the holiday with these beautiful expressions of Easter cheer, and may they ignite conversations and garner compliments at your gatherings. Happy Easter!


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